Community events

Our community events have been a great success and we’re planning more for the future!

Museum visit

In December we visited Birmingham’s art gallery and museum. This gave us a chance to practise travelling and asking for the correct bus fare. The trip also helped us to become familiar with the city centre. All that walking made us thirsty, so we finished the afternoon with a visit to the beautiful Edwardian tearooms, where we ordered our drinks in English.


In November we visited the local Sparkhill library. Some of the group had never been there, despite it being just a 20 minute walk away! While we were there, we pointed out the free resources that could come in handy. These included computers, books aimed at adjusting to life in the UK and books in local languages. We also explored the colourful children’s area. After this, everyone had the opportunity to practise filling in forms by joining the library. Our group enjoyed the library visit and were impressed by everything on offer there. We’re certain they’ll be back!

Christmas meal 

We should also mention our fabulous Christmas party. This festive bring and share meal gave us a great opportunity to try different flavours of food. And of course, the chance to get to know one another.